Aeronautical Chart ICAO
1:500 000

(2318) PORTO / (2347) LISBOA
Scale 1:500 000


Print format

Folded dimensions 17.5 cm x 24.5 cm, open 68 cm x 97 cm:

  • Coverage between latitudes 42°30’N and 36°30’N and longitudes 009°30’W and 006°00’W
  • Scale 1:500 000
  • Lambert Conformal Conic Projection, standard parallels 40°40’ and 43°20’
  • Ellipsoid WGS84
  • Horizontal datum, WGS84
  • Vertical datum, Mean Sea Level at Cascais tide gauge
  • Printed on wear and water-resistant film. For markings and notes use a soft-lead, water-soluble, non-drying dermatographic pencil, that easily erases with a wet tissue or cloth. Do not use pens or ink markers, alcohol or other solvents or rubber erasers.

Digital format

3 files stored in a USB pen drive:

  • ANC_Portugal_500K_GeoTIFF_96dpi (GeoTIFF – smartphones, tablets, GIS software)
  • ANC_Portugal_500k_KMZ_300dpi (KMZ – Google Earth)
  • ANC_Portugal_500k_Geospatial_PDF (Geospatial PDF file – selectable feature layers)