Online help

The following information is provided to support operators, service providers and pilots involved in flight operations in using products and services available from the Portuguese Aeronautical Information Service (AIS).

The eAIP contains aeronautical information regarding the Organisation, Operation and Location of Aerodromes, Airspace, Navigation Aids and Facilities as well as any information pertinent to the safety of flight within the airspace.

  • AIP Aeronautical Information Publication (eAIP)
  • AIP Amendments are issued at regular intervals according to a published 28 day cycle (AIRAC cycle).
  • AIP Supplements (SUP) are used to notify temporary changes of long duration (exceeding three months) or changes requiring extensive text and/or graphics.
  • Aeronautical Information Circulars (AIC) contain information that does not qualify for inclusion into the AIP or a NOTAM. Used to provide information which relates to flight safety, air navigation, technical, administrative or legislative matters and may include graphics.

This information is available for download, organized by effective date:

  • “eAIP Downloads – Publications In Force”: Contain latest published eAIP amendments, Supplements and AICs.
  • “eAIP Downloads – Future Publications”: Contain future information, published but not yet in force. On the effective date, these files transit to the “eAIP Downloads – Publications In Force” section.

CRC32 checksum is displayed alongside each download and may be used to check file integrity after download.

Remark: This website section requires registration.

The FPL AND BRIEFING system was developed to facilitate the provision of automated Pre-Flight Information Bulletins (PIB) and filing Flight Plans.

The NAV/AIS Portugal FPL AND BRIEFING facility enables users:

  • to prepare flights anywhere, anytime via NAV-Portugal AIS website at
  • to be duly informed about SLOT and flight plan Status;  and
  • to generate tailored NOTAM briefing based on own individual needs

Usage of this tool is restricted to pilots and entities involved in flight operations (e.g. aircraft operators, aerodromes/ heliports/ ultralight landing sites administration, flight schools, etc.). The registrations received shall be completed by sending by e-mail to the application administrator ([email protected]) of a document proof (e.g. pilot license).

The service is continuously available, delivered through internet connection upon due registration.
Flight Plans will be routed to Lisbon ATS Reporting Office for validation. The Flight Plan and associated messages reception, validation and information related to ATFCM measures are performed by a feedback tool using e-mail.

FPL AND BRIEFING System capabilities include:

  • Flight Plan
  • Generating and submitting Flight plans and associated messages
  • Searching for own Flight plans
  • Pre-flight Briefing
  • Generating Aerodrome PIB
  • Generating Area PIB
  • Generating Route PIB
  • Generating Narrow Route PIB
  • Generating Point Brief
  • Generating Admin PIB
  • AIP Library
  • Searching for AIP

Registered users will be assigned a personal area where custom FPL, PIB, routes and settings may be kept.

Contingency PIB are available only as a backup source of preflight information, should the EAD website become unserviceable.

By default all briefings have 24 hours validity from the time they were constructed and are updated every 4 hours.

Six types of contingency bulletins are available online:


The eVFR Manual contains general information and rules for eVFR flights within Portugal, information concerning Aerodromes/Heliports and RWY for ULM with civil use, approved for eVFR operation (including visual approach and aerodrome charts) and information pertinent to the safety of flight within the airspace.
The eVFR Manual edition is a bilingual (Portuguese/English).

AMENDMENT – Latest published eVFR Manual amendment.

eVFR MANUAL SUP – Used to notify temporary changes of long duration (usually more than three months) or changes requiring extensive text and/or graphics