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    Portugal mainland (2318/2347) €30
    Azores archipelago (2350/2351) €25
    Madeira archipelago (2418/2419) €25

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    Portugal mainland (2318/2347) €60
    Azores archipelago (2350/2351) €50
    Madeira archipelago (2418/2419) €50

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    1. Fill the form with your details, complete address (including postal codes and country), type and number of charts desired.
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      Beneficiary: NAV Portugal E.P.E.
      Bank agency: Agência de Gestão de Tesouraria e da Dívida Pública, E.P.E.
      Av. da República, 57-6º, 1050-159 Lisboa
      Account 1120011624
      NIB 0781 0112 01120011624 94
      IBAN PT50 0781 0112 01120011624 94
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    4. Your charts will be mailed as soon as payment or proof is received.
      Prices include worldwide postage and packing.

    Aeronautical Chart ICAO 1:500 000

    ANC provide information to satisfy the requirements of visual air navigation for low speed, short- or medium-range operations at low and intermediate altitudes.
    This chart may be used as:

    • a basic aeronautical chart;
    • to provide a suitable medium for basic pilot and navigation training;
    • to supplement highly specialized charts which do not provide essential visual information;
    • a pre-flight planning aid.

    The aeronautical information overprint displays aerodromes, heliports, ultralight sites, ATS airspace, restricted and danger areas, radio navigation aids, obstacles with height 100 metres or more.