GEN 3   Services

GEN 3.1  Aeronautical Information Services

3.1.1   Responsible Service

1.1 The Portuguese Aeronautical Information Service (AIS), a part of NAV Portugal, E.P.E. structure, ensures, on behalf of the Portuguese State, the flow of information necessary for the safety, regularity and efficiency of international and national air navigation within its area of responsibility as indicated under GEN 3.1.2.The AIS comprises the AIS Headquarters, International NOTAM Office (NOF) and AIS/ARO units established at the aerodromes listed under GEN 3.1.5.

1.2 AIS Headquarters


NAV Portugal, E.P.E.
Aeronautical Information Service
Aeroporto de Lisboa
Rua C, Edifício 118 – Centro de Controlo de Tráfego Aéreo de Lisboa
1700-007 LISBOA

Tel:+351 218553506
+351 218553696 (management)



Hours of operation: MON to FRI: 09:00-12:30 (08:00-11:30) and 14:00-17:30 (13:00-16:30)

1.3 International NOTAM Office (NOF)


NAV Portugal, E.P.E.
Aeroporto de Lisboa
Rua C, Edifício 118 - Centro de Controlo de Tráfego Aéreo de Lisboa
1700-007 LISBOA

Tel:+351 218553342 (recorded)
+351 218553346
+351 218553348 (management)
+351 218413500 Ext. 20515 (operations)


Hours of operation: H24

The service is provided in accordance with the provisions contained in Annex 15 - Aeronautical Information Services and DOC.10066 PANS-AIM. Differences from ICAO Annex 15 standards and recommended practices are listed in GEN 1.7.

3.1.2   Area of responsibility

The Aeronautical Information Services are responsible for the collection and dissemination of information for the entire territory of Portugal and for airspace over the high seas encompassed by Lisboa FIR (LPPC) and Santa Maria FIR (LPPO).

3.1.3   Aeronautical publications

3.1 Aeronautical information is provided in the form of Aeronautical Information Products in a standardized presentation of the following elements:

  • Aeronautical Information Publication (AIP);
  • Visual Flight Rules Manual (VFR Manual);
  • Amendment service to the AIP (AIP AMDT);
  • Amendment service to the VFR Manual;
  • Supplement to the AIP (AIP SUP);
  • Supplements to the VFR Manual;
  • Aeronautical Information Circulars (AIC);
  • NOTAM including NOTAM checklist; and
  • Aeronautical Charts.

3.2 Aeronautical Information Publication (AIP)

The AIP is the basic aviation document intended primarily to satisfy international requirements for the exchange of permanent aeronautical information and long duration temporary changes essential for air navigation.The AIP of Portugal is available in electronic form (eAIP) for use in international and domestic operations. It is issued in English only and available on the AIS website

3.3 Visual Flight Rules Manual (VFR Manual)

The VFR Manual contains all relevant information for VFR traffic and is published in bilingual text in Portuguese and English. It is updated by means of VFR Manual amendments and/or VFR Manual Supplements.The VFR Manual is available in electronic format (ISO file).

3.4 Amendment service to the AIP (AIP AMDT)

AIP Amendments contain permanent changes to the AIP.Amendments to the eAIP are published by reissuing the eAIP. Each eAIP issue contains:

  • The complete AIP for the relevant effective date;
  • The AIRAC AIP AMDT for the relevant effective date;
  • Published AIP Supplements and Aeronautical Information Circulars (AIC) as is on the publication date of eAIP.

eAIP sections have a check box in the top right corner, which allows changes to be displayed graphically. The changes in the eAIP are identified by a pink background, and removed text is struck though with a horizontal line. In the PDF version changes on text pages are identified by a vertical line in the left margin. On charts, change description is indicated on the margin.

Two different types of Amendments are produced:

  • AIRAC AIP Amendment (AIRAC AIP AMDT), issued in accordance with the AIRAC system and identified by the acronym — AIRAC, incorporates operationally significant permanent changes into the AIP on the indicated AIRAC effective date.
  • Regular AIP Amendment (AIP AMDT), issued in accordance with the established regular interval, incorporates permanent changes into the AIP on the indicated publication date.

A brief description of the subjects affected by the amendment is given on the AIP Amendment cover sheet. Each AIP page and AIP replacement page introduced by an amendment is dated including the amendment cover sheet. The date consists of the day, month (by name) and year of the publication date (regular AIP AMDT) or of the AIRAC effective date) of the information (AIRAC AIP AMDT). Each AIP amendment cover sheet includes references to the serial number of those elements, if any, of the Aeronautical Information Products which have been incorporated in the AIP by the amendment and are consequently cancelled.

Each AIP AMDT and each AIRAC AIP AMDT are allocated separate serial numbers, which are consecutive for the AIP AMDT and based on the calendar year for the AIRAC AIP AMDT. The year, indicated by two digits, is a part of the serial number of the amendment, e.g. AIP AMDT 025/20, AIRAC AIP AMDT 001/20.

A checklist of AIP pages containing page number/chart title and the publication or effective date of the information (day, month by name and year) is reissued with each amendment and is an integral part of the AIP (ref. GEN 0.4).

3.5 Amendment service to the VFR Manual

The VFR Manual Amendments are published only as Regular Amendments and contain information of both operational and non-operational significance. Amendments are published with the necessary regularity to keep the VFR Manual up-to-date.

The amendment numbering is consecutive.

3.6 Supplements to the AIP (AIP SUP)

Temporary changes of long duration (three months or longer) and information of short duration, which consists of extensive text and/or graphics, supplementing the permanent information contained in the AIP, are published as AIP Supplements (AIP SUP). Operationally significant temporary changes to the AIP are published in accordance with the AIRAC system and its established effective dates and are identified clearly by the acronym AIRAC AIP SUP.

Each AIP Supplement (regular or AIRAC) shall be allocated a serial number which shall be consecutive and based on the calendar year, e.g. AIP SUP 004/20; AIRAC AIP SUP 0051/20.

An AIP Supplement remains valid as long as all or some of its contents remain valid. The period of validity of the information contained in the AIP Supplement will normally be given in the supplement itself. Alternatively, NOTAM may be used to indicate changes to the period of validity or cancellation of the supplement.

AIP Supplements, which are published in the period between the issue of two consecutive eAIP AMDT, are made available on AIS website and subscribers notified by e-mail.

The checklist of AIP Supplements currently in force is issued as part of the monthly NOTAM checklist Series A and published in the AIP (GEN-0.3).

Valid supplements in PDF format are also available on the AIS website

3.7 Supplements to the VFR Manual

The VFR Manual Supplements are published only as Regular Supplements and contain information of both operational and non-operational significance.

VFR Manual Supplements, which are published in the period between the issue of two consecutive VFR AMDT, are made available on AIS website and subscribers notified by e-mail.

The checklist of VFR Manual Supplements currently in force is issued as part of the monthly NOTAM checklist Series C and D.

Valid VFR Manual Supplements in PDF format are also available on the AIS website

3.8 Aeronautical Information Circulars (AIC)

The Aeronautical Information Circulars (AIC) contain information on the long-term forecast of any major change in legislation, regulations, procedures or facilities; information of a purely explanatory or advisory nature liable to affect flight safety; and information or notification of an explanatory or advisory nature concerning technical, legislative or purely administrative matters.

Each AIC is numbered consecutively on a calendar year basis. The year, indicated by four digits, is a part of the serial number of the AIC, e.g. AIC 001/2020.

A checklist of AIC currently in force is issued as a part of the monthly NOTAM Checklist Series A and a checklist of AIC is published once a year.

AIC which are published in the period between the issue of two consecutive eAIP AMDT are made available on AIS website and subscribers notified by e-mail

Valid AIC in PDF format are also available on AIS website

3.9 NOTAM and Pre-Flight Information Bulletins (PIB)

NOTAM contain information concerning the establishment, condition or change in any aeronautical facility, service, procedure or hazard, the timely knowledge of which is essential for personnel concerned with flight operations.

The text of each NOTAM contains the information in the order shown in the ICAO NOTAM Format and is composed of the significations/uniform abbreviated phraseology assigned to the ICAO NOTAM Code complemented by ICAO abbreviations, indicators, identifiers, designators, call signs, frequencies, figures and plain language.

NOTAM are published by the International NOTAM Office (NOF), in three series (A, C and D).

Series A - Contains information concerning:

  1. International aerodromes;
  2. National Aerodromes at which instrument flight procedures or special VFR procedures are established;
  3. General Rules;
  4. En-Route Navigation and Communication Facilities;
  5. Airspace restrictions and Navigation Warnings;
  6. En-Route Air Navigation Obstacles.

Series C and D - Contains information concerning:

  1. National Aerodromes / Heliports at which only VFR flights are permitted;
  2. Amendment to any section of the VFR Manual;

Series C is promulgated in English and Series D in Portuguese.

Each NOTAM is assigned to a series identified by a letter (A, C or D) and a four-digit number followed by a stroke and a two-digit number for the year (e.g. A0050/20). Each series starts on the first of January with number 0001.

SNOWTAM - Contains information concerning:

The presence of hazardous conditions due to frost or standing water on the runway. For more information regarding which aerodromes SNOWTAM is applicable, see AD 1.2.2.

NOTAM, including SNOWTAM, are transmitted by the Eurocontrol European AIS Database (EAD) in accordance with a predetermined distribution system. Requests concerning the distribution of NOTAM shall be addressed to Lisboa International NOTAM Office (GEN 3.1.1).

Pre-flight Information Bulletins (PIB) contain a presentation of current NOTAM and other information of urgent nature and significance to the operator/flight crews and are available as described in GEN 3.1.5.

3.10 Checklists and lists of valid NOTAM

A checklist of valid NOTAM is issued monthly for each NOTAM series, via the Aeronautical Fixed Service (AFS). Checklist series A contains the list of valid NOTAM and information about the valid AIP AMDT, AIRAC AIP AMDT, AIP SUP, AIC and a AIP AIRAC NIL notification in case there will be no AIRAC AIP AMDT published in a future AIRAC effective date, at least 28 days in advance of the AIRAC date concerned. Checklists series C and D contain the list of valid NOTAM and information about the valid VFR Manual AMDT and SUP.

3.11 Availability of publications

Publications can be obtained from the Aeronautical Information Service. The eAIP can be downloaded from the AIS Website free of charge as ISO Image file.

All enquiries regarding the supply of Portuguese AIS Publications should be addressed to the AIS Headquarters (GEN 3.1.1).

3.1.4   AIRAC system

4.1 In order to control and regulate the operationally significant changes requiring amendments to charts, route-manuals etc., such changes, whenever possible, will be issued on predetermined dates according to the AIRAC System. This type of information will be published as an AIRAC AIP AMDT or an AIRAC AIP SUP. If an AIRAC AMDT or SUP cannot be produced due to lack of time, a NOTAM will be issued. Such NOTAM will be incorporated in an AMDT or SUP.

4.2 The table below indicates AIRAC effective dates for the coming years. AIRAC information is issued so that the information will be receive by the user not later than 28 days, and for major changes not later than 56 days, before the effective date. At AIRAC effective date, a trigger NOTAM will be issued giving a brief description of the contents, effective date and reference number of the AIRAC AIP AMDT or AIRAC AIP SUP that will become effective on that date. Trigger NOTAM will remain in force as a reminder in the PIB for a period of 14 days.

If no information has been submitted for publication at the AIRAC date, a NIL notification will be included in the NOTAM checklist, at least 28 days in advance of the AIRAC date concerned.The predetermined effective dates of the AIRAC system are as follows:

Schedule of AIRAC effective dates

28 January27January26 January25 January24 January
25 February24 February23 February22 February21 February
25 March24 March23 March21 March20 March
22 April21 April20 April18 April17 April
20 May19 May18 May16 May15 May
17 June16 June15 June13 June12 June
15 July14 July13 July11 July10 July
12 August11 August10 August08 August07 August
09 September08 September07 September05 September05 September
07 October06 October05 October03 October02 October
04 November03 November02 November31 October30 October
02 December01December30 November28 November27 November
30 December29 December28 December26 December25 December

3.1.5   Pre-flight information services at aerodromes/heliports

Pre-flight information is available at aerodromes as detailed below.

Aerodrome/Heliport Briefing Coverage
LisboaAll States within ECAC area.AFI - Algeria, Angola, Benin, Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Canarias (Spain), Cape Verde, Central African Republic, Chad, Congo, Egypt, Equatorial Guinea, Gabon, Ghana, Guinea, Guinea Bissau, Ivory Coast, Liberia, Malawi, Mali, Mauritania, Morocco, Mozambique, Namibia, Niger, S. Tomé and Principe, Senegal, Sierra Leone, South Africa, Togo, Tunisia. CAR / SAM - Brazil, Colombia, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Jamaica, México, Venezuela.NAT / NAM - Canada, United States of America (en-route for East Coast).MID - Israel, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates.
Ponta Delgada

Daily pre-flight information Aerodrome, Area, Route and Narrow Route bulletins (PIB) and lists of valid NOTAM are available at the aerodrome ARO/AIS units.

Self-Briefing is also available through FPL and Briefing internet system on or to facilitate the provision of automated Pre-Flight Information Bulletins (PIB), Publications and filing Flight Plans.

3.1.6   Digital data sets

1. Terrain data (Area 1)

The Direção Geral do Território in Lisbon will provide terrain data for Portugal territory (Area 1) electronically in compliance with ICAO requirements. These data can be acquired and used within the framework of license contracts with Direção Geral do Território. All queries by users regarding the availability of electronic terrain data shall be addressed in writing to:

Direção Geral do Território


Rua Artilharia Um, 107
1099-052 LISBOA

2. Obstacle data

Obstacle data for Area 1 (obstacles higher than 100M above ground) is available on request to AIS Headquarters (see GEN 3.1.1). However, presently obstacle data does not fully comply with electronic obstacle data requirements.