GEN 2.3  Chart Symbols

1. Aerodromes

Civil Aerodrome - Land

Military Aerodrome - Land

Joint Civil and Military Aerodrome - Land

Emergency Aerodrome or Aerodrome with no facilities

Aerodrome without classification

Abandoned or Closed Aerodrome


Ultra Light Aircraft Aerodrome

Alignment Paved Runway

Alignment Grass Runway

Paved Runway

Grass Runway

Runway Pattern

Apron Parking Areas
VOR Check PointWind Direction Indicator (lighted WDI)
StopbarWind Direction Indicator (unlighted WDI)
RWY holding positionRunway holding position
Apron lightIntermediate holding position
RWY/TWY lightRWY break

2. Radio Facilities


NDB - Compulsory FlyBy

NDB - Compulsory FlyOver

NDB - On Request FlyBy

NDB - On Request FlyOver

TACAN - Compulsory FlyBy

TACAN - Compulsory FlyOver

TACAN - On Request FlyBy

TACAN - On Request FlyOver

VOR - Compulsory FlyBy

VOR - Compulsory FlyOver

VOR - On Request FlyBy

VOR - On Request FlyOver

VOR/DME - Compulsory FlyBy

VOR/DME - Compulsory FlyOver

VOR/DME - On Request FlyBy

VOR/DME - On Request FlyOver

VORTAC - Compulsory FlyBy

VORTAC - Compulsory FlyOver

VORTAC - On Request FlyBy

VORTAC - On Request FlyOver

Localizer Beam

R230 LIS - (Radial 230 from LIS VOR station)

24DME FTM - (24NM distance to FTM DME station)

R110/12DME SGR - (Radial 110 and distance 12NM related to
SGR VOR/DME station)

3. Air Traffic Services

VFR Reporting Point - Compulsory FlyBy
Intersection - Compulsory FlyBy

VFR Reporting Point - Compulsory FlyOver
Intersection - Compulsory FlyOver

VFR Reporting Point - On Request FlyBy
Intersection - On Request FlyBy

VFR Reporting Point - On Request FlyOver
Intersection - On Request FlyOver

Waypoint - Compulsory FlyBy

Waypoint - Compulsory FlyOver

Waypoint - On Request FlyBy

Waypoint - On Request FlyOver




At or above altitudeAt or below altitude
At altitudeAltitude window
Mandatory speedMaximum speed

4. Airspace Restrictions

Prohibited (P), Restricted (R) or Danger (D) Area, Temporary Reserved AreaProhibited (P), Restricted (R) or Danger (D) Area, Temporary Reserved Area

5. Obstacles

Exceptionally High Lighted Obstacle

Exceptionally High Obstacle

Group of lighted Obstacles

Group of Obstacles

Lighted Obstacle


Group of lighted Wind Turbines

Group of Wind Turbines

Lighted Wind Turbine

Wind Turbine

6. Miscellaneous

Scale Break
Larger figure representing units of thousands feet and smaller figure units of hundreds of feet, ex: 9700 FT.