GEN 2   Tables and Codes

GEN 2.1  Measuring System, Aircraft Markings, Holidays

2.1.1   Units Of Measurement

The ICAO Table 3-4 of Annex 5 - Units of measurement to be used in the air and ground operations - has been selected for general use by all aeronautical and aircraft stations engaged in operations within Lisboa and Santa Maria FIRs.

The referred Table is also used in the AIP, VFR Manual and in NOTAM.

Measurement ofUnits
Distance (long), as used in navigation, generally in excess of 2 or 3 nautical milesNautical Miles
Relatively short distances such as those relating to aerodromes (e.g. runway lights)Metres
Altitudes, Elevations and HeightsMetres; Feet
Horizontal speed, including wind speedKnots
Vertical speedFeet per minute
Wind direction for landing and taking offDegrees Magnetic
Wind direction except for landing and taking offDegrees True
Visibility < 5000 metres (including RVR)Metres
Visibility > 5000 metres Kilometres
Altimeter settingHectopascals
TemperatureDegrees Celsius (Centigrade)
TimeHours and Minutes
VolumeCubic Metres
Tank capacityLitres
Pump capacityLitres per Minute
Sound/Noise levelsDecibel

2.1.2   Time system

Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) is used in the air traffic and communications services and in documents published by the Aeronautical Information Service, unless otherwise indicated.

In reporting time, the nearest full minute is used, e.g., 12h 40min and 40s is reported 1241.

Time checks to aircraft are accurate within 5 sec.

The Winter Time in Portugal (Mainland) corresponds to UTC. In Madeira corresponds to (UTC) and in Açores corresponds to UTC minus 1 hour (UTC-1).

The Summer Time in Portugal (Mainland) corresponds to UTC plus one hour (UTC+1). In Madeira corresponds to UTC plus 1 hour (UTC + 1) and in Açores to UTC.

Times applicable during summer period are given in brackets.

Seasonal periods:

Winter From the last Sunday of October until the Saturday before the last Sunday of March.

Summer From the last Sunday of March until the Saturday before the last Sunday of October.

2.1.3   Geodetic reference datum

All published geographical coordinates indicating latitude and longitude are expressed in terms of the World Geodetic System — 1984 (WGS-84) geodetic reference datum.

Coordinates published with an asterisk (*) are transformed into WGS84 coordinates but whose accuracy does not meet the requirements in Annex 11, Appendix 5 and Annex 14, Appendix 5.

2.1.4   Aircraft nationality and registration marks

The nationality mark for aircraft registered in Portugal is the letters CS.

The nationality mark is followed by a hyphen and a registration mark consisting of 3 letters, e.g., CS-ADC.

2.1.5   Public holidays

New Year‘s Day01 January01 January01 January01 January
Good Friday15 April07 April29 March18 April
Easter17 April09 April31 March20 April
Liberation Day25 April25 April25 April25 April
Labour Day01 May01 May01 May01 May
Corpus Christi16 June08 June30 May19 June
National Day10 June10 June10 June10 June
Assumption Day15 August15 August15 August15 August
Day of the Republic05 October05 October05 October05 October
All Saints Day01 November01 November01 November01 November
Day of the Independence Restoration01 December01 December01 December01 December
Immaculate Conception08 December08 December08 December08 December
Christmas25 December25 December25 December25 December