ENR 5.6  Bird Migration And Areas With Sensitive Fauna


The main migration period is from October 01 until the end of February. This bird concentration is found in the following areas:

  1. Area 1

    From 384206N 0090334W to 384806N 0090519W then to northeast along Tejo River Estuary border to 385726N 0085834W (Vila Franca de Xira bridge) inflecting to southeast along National road nº 10 to 385036N 0084419W to 384926N 0084736W to 384926N 0085319W to 384641N 0085319W then to Bela Vista - near Herdade de Camarate then to Southeast along the road to Marinha Nova to D10 limit to 384506N0085204W along D10 border to 384406N 0084714W to 384226N 0084834W to 384306N 0085104W to 384256N 0085334W to Northwest along National road nº 118 until intersection with National road nº 119 following this road to Alcochete and then to intersection with Municipal road nº 501 (Alcochete - Samouco) then along this road till Samouco following the Municipal road nº 501.1 to Northwest till Porto da Praia. (border of Air Base nº 6) continuing to West and Southwest along Tejo river side - to origin.

  2. Area 2

    Area defined by the following points: 384154N 0090024W, 384153N 0090006W, 384152N 0090001W, 384149N 008 5954W, 384144N 0085946W, 384143N 0085942W,38 4139N 0085931W, 384136N 0085907W, 384135N 0085900W, 384130N 0085855W, 384126N 0085849W, 384124N 0085848W, 384119N 0085848W, 384116N 0085847W, 384113N 0085848W, 384112N 0085851W, 384108N 0085856W, 384103N 0085657W, 384103N 0085858W,384055N 0085857W, 384054N 0085915W, 384050N 0085915W, 384047N 0085924W, 384044N 0085940W,384042N 0085943W, 384033N 0090004W, 384034N 0090009W, 384047N 0090011W, 384059N 0090012W, 384106N 0090031W, 384106N 0090100W, 384108N 0090100W,384109N 009 0056W, 394112N 0090052W, 384113N 0090049W, 384113N 0090042W, 384117N 0090032W, 384120N 0090031W, 384127N 0090025W, 384132N 0090024W, 384133N 0090030W, 384137N 0090035W,384138N 0090048W,384142N 0090048W, 384149N 0090041W, 384151N 0090036W, 384153N 0090030W to origin.

    Overflying of these areas is prohibited from GND up to 1000 ft. Aircraft should not be operated below 1000 ft AGL except when necessary for take-off or landing.The following chart shows the above bird concentration areas.